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V surprise on Chatroulette

Well the other night I decided to...well got bugged to go on chatroulette by a german fur who wanted to see if he could find me on there, which can be almost impossible more like difficult with the number of people on it. I wanted to try something different so I swiped Torwin-collie Guy Fawks mask which was left in my roommate jack's room. well I shouldnt ruin it for you guys & gals with the plot. needlas to say I recorded some video of my time on there.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKUpcB9GbGo or http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1348750/

I hope you enjoy the video but be warn; May cause laughs, omgish :P & Rofl'ing

small update :P

well I normally dont use LJ except to get notified of things from friends or communities, but Ill try to regularly update my journal from now on.

Well for those that are watching me I'll be attending Anthrocon & eurofurence within the next 6 months so if you see me say hi or give me a big hug :D

Further confusion

well I haven't posted here in such a long time since Ive been busy with work and personal things. So here we go, in about 3 weeks this wolf will be heading southward to cali for the annual Furry convention known as 'Further confusion'. I will be traveling with a bunch of local furs in an caravan heading southward which will prove to be an interesting experience for me since it will be my first time traveling with a big group of people to a con. I'am looking forward to seeing cali once more , its been ages since I last been there.
If any of will be attending FC as well give me a hug when you see me I'm not that hard to find ;)

First Furmeet bbq

well where to start. Well last saturday [july 12th] I attended my very first furmeet with at least 30 furs in attendance, I'm glad my friends pushed me to go.The furmeet started at 3pm but I didnt arrive there till 4-5ish, drove past the place twice trying to find it  finally found it but was hidden by lumps of trees.

Met so many awesome furs while there & made some newfriends as well. My first furmeet went better than expected.

Eurofurence 14 40+ days eta

Well Eurofurence 14 is fast approaching and so much still to be done before it even begins. I still have to get a storage container for my scribblefox-suit along with underarmour gear(suggested by a few suiters to wear) & a number of other things.



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